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HIPAA+® is a cloud based automated compliance management solution that helps your organization establish and monitor its Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance posture.


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Exchange+™ is a cloud service offering from HealthIT+® that facilitates the exchange of clinical information among Providers, Payers, and other Healthcare Organizations.

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How are you handling the complexities of the HIPAA Privacy Rule? Take advantage of the HIPAA+® Privacy Assessor to better manage your health information privacy programs.

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Complete Solution to meet HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Compliance Goals HIPAA+™ is a complete solution that helps your organization to first achieve Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and then maintain an ongoing and defendable compliance posture. HIPAA+™ detects and alerts you to potential data breach, and privacy and security incidents allowing your organization to gain control of information privacy and security and manage your business risk. A set of hosted software tools – HIPAA+ Assessor™, HIPAA+ Implementor™, HIPAA+ Monitor™, and HIPAA+ Instructor™, HIPAA+™ provides an ongoing, automated, and proactive compliance monitoring approach that requires no capital investment. What makes HIPAA+™ Different? Assess, Manage, Monitor, and Train all areas of HIPAA compliance - Security, Privacy, Transactions and Code Sets with one unified solution. Through the exclusive HIPAA+™ Analytics and Report Generation, HIPAA+™ is a unified solution to manage compliance requirements efficiently, with no capital investment. Supported by expert analysts, our tools actively monitor and identify any issues then recommend the corrective actions to achieve HIPAA compliance and maintain a defendable, ongoing, compliance posture. HIPAA+™ Analytics and Report Generation Engine Using a combination of technology tools, HIPAA Analysts review policies, procedures, and conduct on-site reviews. Our HIPAA Analysts document and present a detailed evaluation of your organization's HIPAA posture. This detailed evaluation will define your organization's compliance responsibilities, compliance deficiencies, and recommend solutions and corrective action plans that will not only maintain compliance, but security as well. Key distinguishing features of HIPAA+ Assessor™: Online questionnaire allowing your organization to easily answer survey related questions and executive questions Online document submission allowing your organization to quickly submit documents required for the Assessment Online Assessment findings and compliance build-up Built in Regulation Database with cross-walk capabilities to the Assessment findings and compliance evidence Track and monitor the progress of compliance or corrective action plans based on the detailed HIPAA+ Assessor™ road map prepared by our team of HIPAA Specialists. HIPAA+ Implementor™ is an intuitive web-based tool for creating, following, and managing HIPAA compliance. HealthIT+™ will provide turnkey implementation services or optional services such as: budget preparation, implementation of the corrective action plan, implementation calendar, identifying tools to meet compliance, and even help in obtaining project approval. Key distinguishing features of HIPAA+ Implementor™: Complete and direct roadmap to compliance Real-time tracking and reports to measure progress Drill down details of Privacy and Security compliance levels for the summary as well as individual Security and Privacy Rule for the organization level as well as at a location and department level Dashboards with role-based access control providing views based on user type - CIO, Security Officer, Privacy Officer Continuously monitor the components of HIPAA compliance and remain in compliance at all times. HealthIT+ HIPAA Analysts will monitor your compliance posture on a day-to-day basis and alert you to take action on compliance issues. Our HIPAA+ Monitor™ tool collects data from multiple sources including hundreds of applications, EHR's, and any system generated audit logs and business process generated tasks. It then examines the data for any potential security, privacy, and administrative threats and issues. HIPAA+ Monitor™ provides customizable dashboards and drill-down reports, tools to customize operational procedures for breach notification, as well as automated alerts on issues and potential breach threats. Key distinguishing features of HIPAA+ Monitor™: Behavior Pattern Monitoring based on Medical Use Cases Potential issues and incidences are identified before they become breaches Monitors privacy and security and projects results as alerts, dashboards, and reports Automated alerts and ongoing monitoring by expert HIPAA Analysts Workforce ignorance, errors, and insider threats are major causes of privacy breaches. Effective and continuous staff training will reduce your risk. Through updated privacy and security training, HIPAA+ Instructor™ raises awareness of compliance related processes and procedures across your organization. HIPAA+ Instructor™ gives you the ability to provide documented training to all employees that process, store, or otherwise handle Patient Health Information (PHI). Training is web-based and self-paced with customizable training materials. HIPAA+ Instructor provides an online quiz and certificates of completion, and maintains a detailed training record. It's critical in today's constantly changing environment to keep current with regulatory updates and new legislation; therefore, our HIPAA Training Experts routinely track regulatory changes and update online training materials. Key distinguishing features of HIPAA+ Instructor™: Facilitates HIPAA and security training across the organization Web-based, self-paced, customizable training materials Automated system to maintain detailed training records Meets the regulatory requirements of documented training